Friday, April 26, 2013

Division Growth



The title is reminiscent of the "multiplication by division" meme, yet in this case also means a street close to my current position, parallel to my street.  Division Street.  Some are using the division sign, as a marketing device.  Each street develops an identity.  Hawthorne is flanked to the north by Belmont and to the south by Division, a tri-some.  In 97214, that's a coordinate system that makes sense.  My activities have density here, if we draw the zig-zaggy world line.  Also Rome.  New Jersey / Manhattan area.  WDC.

Glenn and I sampled a coffee shop that's been there awhile I think, but who knows how long.  We were amidst a lot of leveling and rebuilding.  I don't know about every city but Portland is in a boom town phase in some dimensions (not all, no, not all).  The patch of town at the bottom end of the cable car (the overhead tram) was one of the fastest growing zip code areas in North America there for a bit, in terms of the size and rate of its building, or so I heard, not able to cross-check.

Speaking of cross-check, Glenn was a source of information on the Knights Templar today.  His reading forays take him to this and that topic.  His claim was the Jolly Roger was officially a Knights maritime brand.  I find the Internet echoes that story all over.  I've always made an esoteric link from that symbol to the XO, which the XO site playfully deals with.

Portland gets perceived through the lens of Grimm, not just Portlandia, the former a lot less grim than the Miami-centered Dexter, the latter, skit based, being more directly spoofy.  Last night Blue House viewers went through a Season One episode featuring a pig like pork eater who lived in a geodesic dome that blew up.  Our Airstream hero guy (trailer HQS near the Fremont Bridge) can sniff out these fairy tale creatures, thanks to his own freakish paranormal abilities. I was curious whether Portland would be overtly outed as the backdrop for this fiction (vs. "anonymous Gotham"), as Miami serves Dexter and as Phoenix serves Breaking Bad.  Yes, that's the approach taken.

Speaking of Division, I enjoyed lunch with friends at New Thai Blues on Tuesday.  That was my last recorded use of the new Alaska Airlines Visa card.  As of last night, I had to cancel that sucker, for some reason not in my wallet.  A new one is on the way.  Monday was Food Not Bombs, a classic.