Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Another Big Day

The big days are flashing by quickly these days, accelerating acceleration.  Tara finishes her high school career and turns 18 only two days apart, however we're celebrating the birthday a day early, so Carol can still make her flight to the AFSC retreat at Pendle Hill.

I'm at the Hawthorne Powell's looking at a long queue in my inbox.  Nevertheless, I finally found the time to photograph Polymorf this morning, a rare geometric toy.  I have an interest party asking to see more details.

Portland Public Schools has a creative way of working with the seniors' need to all-night party the night of their graduation.  It provides a fleet of buses and chaperones the occasion, returning them to their high school parking lot at 5 AM the next morning.

Tara and two friends arranged a pickup by SMS (text messaging).  As the chauffeur, I tend to be on call more than some other parents.

Elizabeth Braithwaite and Chris Cradler joined me at Memorial Coliseum for the ceremony.  Carol used the special seating for mobility impaired.  Alexia and her friend found good seating also.

The high schools do not all format their ceremonies the same way, as Liz and Chris were discussing, having seen the subculture at Grant.  Alexia went to Grant as well, and I was at her graduation, with her mom.  Of course we think about Dawn at these times.  Grant had used Memorial Coliseum this year as well, and was just ahead of us in the queue.

The graduation program had an insert boasting of the big name schools and scholarships some kids had been awarded.  Tara had elected to fade into the woodwork on this one.  She also opted out of "full IB", having plotted her course carefully and consciously, running key decisions by others for peer review.  I trust her process, as they say / said in est.

I appreciate the logistics of Portland Public Schools.  A lot of awards and recognition went to faculty and staff last night, not just students.  Real institution building occurs.  The expressions of loyalty to the nation is touching as well, though I don't think hanging Cascadia's flag would be inappropriate either.   Our alliance is strong, even if WDC can be pretty frustrating sometimes (like Dustin Hoffman in Rain Main).