Saturday, November 19, 2011

City as Campus

The Mayor tweets (in part):
"RT @sarahmorrigan Seemingly, the City of Portland now has an official designation of #OPDX as an organized crime/gang/mafia. @MayorSamAdams @PortlandPolice
Portland's mayor is getting some idea, from his advisers perhaps, that OPDX is some organized crime vehicle, versus the self-organizing city / campus we know it to be, a City that Works.

There's a dark side to any metro area of course, any area with humans. This is a focus of our curriculum, especially when covering SQL and related technologies.

I'm in a gateway coffee shop using local library Free Wifi. Tara is interviewing for college in a nearby hotel (Embassy Suites -- in the old Multnomah Hotel building). I used the opportunity to check in with Mike D at Right To Dream 2, surrounded by a wall of doors at this point, to add some privacy and mitigate noise. The corner of Burnside and 4th, at the Chinese Gate, is pretty bright and busy a lot of the time.

People in this region want to demonstrate Rainbow Gathering style living, and to practice it. The withering academic circuits, inherited from the poorly designed 1900s instantiations, have not kept pace with student demand at the intuitive level, and the public conversation is starting to realize the extent to which Economics peddles bogus misinformation.

Just having many more threads and processes going is pushing omni-triangulation to accelerate. Lies don't survive cross-examination. Too many discrepancies crop up in stories riddled with holes. The financial world thrives on avoiding close scrutiny, even while closely scrutinizing.

Speaking of which, I posted a comment with Christian Science Monitor on the wimpiness of the IAEA. All this focus on "countdown to zero" in the so-called Middle East, with no corresponding actions in Colorado is a ridiculous imbalance that panders to egos in WDC. My Facebook stream, going out to lots of Quakers, is about this too.

Why be obsequious to those clowns?

I've been targeting Harvard for extra special rhetorical abuse. Think tanks should know when they're that far behind the times and do some reinventing. Too many jalopies on the road, especially "back east".

My reply (hyperlink added):
@MayorSamAdams #OPDX not gang/mafia more like university campus coincident with Greater Portland (Troutdale included). Good for > 99%.