Thursday, October 13, 2011

Esozone Talk

My meetings with Trevor tend to be illuminating. I'm reminded of those meetings twixt Greenspan and the US Treasurer (Alcoa guy, O’Neill) in the Loyalty book.

People are always having these meetings in these books (like Obama's Wars), working things out, like Tenet with that other guy bucking for the same job in Storm's Center. Obscure titles (esoteric). Not that I think of Trevor as Greenspan, though he is up on his Ayn Rand (and many other writers).

Smedley Butler, was he really a Quaker? He had Quaker roots.

The Bonus Army, WWI vets who were owed yet uncompensated, started their protest at the very same spot as Occupy Portland. The occupation spread to a Hooverville near DC, where Smedley talked to the crowd, spent the night.

Then the military became vicious (against later president Eisenhower's wishes), turning on its own from another generation. Americans attacking Americans, yet again.

Some from the Bonus Army ended up in Florida with the New Deal's Civilian Conservation Corps, where strategically withheld information left them wide open to a hurricane, and many more met their doom.

"War is a Racket" as this highly decorated soldier, Smedley Butler, knew and wrote. Wall Street had tried to recruit him as a coup leader ("Business Plot") for their nascent fascist state but he blew the whistle and told Congress, which felt some embarrassment that its paymasters had been so indiscreet, and "the Fighting Quaker" so noble.

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