Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Blue House News

Getting to meet the Caldera guy was interesting. Here's one of those youth centric facilities in the Oregon wilderness of the kind I write science fiction about, though sometimes with so much science and so little fiction it's hard to distinguish such writing from investment banking (banking on the future in various ways).

My brother in law Sam (Dawn's bro) was a lead carpenter on this Caldera site, which is close to Black Butte, on the shores of Suttle Lake.

PJB has discovered LimeSurvey and is finding it useful in working with Hollywood, with thoughts about "smart meters" and "smart houses" never far beneath the surface (polling and feedback is crucial where energy consumption is concerned).

I'm quite intrigued by this book Alex turned me onto at FnB: Waking to Wonder, Wittgenstein's Existential Investigations by Gordon Bearn. I'll have more to say on the Wittgenstein list (Sean's).

Carol is slogging ahead with WILPF work, researching drones more. She does lots of conference calls.

Tara is out of the country. We've been reading her blog. More about her adventures soon.

Lindsey, still with us until May, is fine tuning her street busker persona, with music to go with.

I'm at the Pauling House this morning.

A funny thing happened earlier today: while mom was thinking about Jack, what he might think about the failure of command and control (diplomacy, the political process) in Libya, she heard a loud noise. Turned out later that was a framed picture of Jack and his planning team from Rome days, at that moment falling off the "time capsule" and shattering. I've returned it to the top shelf, sans glass and frame.

Planning Meeting