Thursday, July 21, 2011

FNB / Urban Studies

David wanted to talk about Simon Benson as we peddled our way to the park, having prepped the meal at Multnomah Friends per usual. This is the Benson of the Benson Hotel and the Benson Bubblers, our public drinking fountains scattered about downtown.

Later, when I got home, I shared his query with mom: what was his first name and what might we learn about the guy? She came up with an interesting web page.
Here is a nice story about Simon Benson, the Benson House, Benson High School, Benson Bubblies and Benson Hotel. Sounds pretty good for an entrepreneur.
in peace, Carol Urner

His house was the one Nirel was photographing that day, as it was being moved to its new location.

Food security and food safety were themes in the kitchen this afternoon, as well as on the list.
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Regarding safe food handling, you can also get a 30 minute review and take a food handler safety test online for free. if you want a food handler card, good for three years, the cost is $10. You don't need this to volunteer with Food Not Bombs, but it is a good thing to know about food handling and bacteria and how it affects the health of you and others.


On Jul 21, 2011 4:17 PM, "kirby urner" wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 21, 2011 at 3:08 PM, kirby urner wrote:
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>> Lugging new bag of rice for stores, a Quaker contribution.
>> Kirby
> Someday we should have Food Not Bombs school
> again where we go over all the rules. These Quakers
> (Qs) are pretty conscientious when it comes to following
> food handling guidelines, same with SDW I'm sure.
> Anyway, it's just donated space, not like Qs regard
> this as their own outreach program, making them
> liable as an institution. Our servers know how to
> keep it sane, using covers and utensil protocols.
> If you need to review (as a server) talk to a chef. Lindsey
> is quite sharp on these matters.
> OK, time to get to work. The crew has assembled.
> Kirby

Not everyone coming to a serving is in the best of health always (all the more reason to seek nutritious food). Some are self treating. We also have a triathlete in training.

We follow some protocols to keep the food safe during serving time, as well as during prep time.

This isn't like a Quaker potluck exactly, where people file by and help themselves. Your server will tell you to keep your receiving bowl outside the perimeter of the pot and below its rim. The receiver's bowl cannot spill into the serving bowl, nor should the receiver be hovering over the pot. People assume safe postures instinctively with a few nudges and hints. We're all watching and monitoring one another reflexively as well, offering comments and corrections where needed. FnB strives to be a safe operation.

There's no insistence on face masks or plastic gloves. If you're highly germophobic, just the idea of eating in a park may be too much, especially with dogs around, including sometimes sitting among the group.

FnB creates the casual ambiance of a church or neighborhood picnic, events that may be going on in parallel at the same time in the same park.

Having read up on Benson some, I'm thinking he might have had direct dealings with Sam Hill. Something else to research. "Simon Benson was good friends with Sam Hill... and the rest is history."