Tuesday, April 06, 2010


The term "globalization" has many negative connotations, such as loss of ethnic identity, change at too fast a pace, disruptive economics. I'm not on some mission to dismiss what's really difficult as somehow easy. Along with Jungians, others with a psychological focus, I'm aware of an inward process as well as an outward one. Humanity is giving birth to its next collective self in some dimension. People look to their religious traditions, other wisdom literature, for guidance in these unprecedented times. We have each other.

I wandered into Tibet Spirit today, after working all morning on a Python-related project. I read some of the meditations, wished the proprietor well. This was after driving Tara's community service project report to her school (3.4 miles round trip). She was home fighting a cough. I spoke with my mother by cell phone (the only phone we have anymore).

My thanks to Glenn Stockton for his help today with the office.

I thought about Mecca today as well, the pilgrimages people make. One may reason against these practices, yet from another standpoint, here is how people have made a way together, created community. Precession. Side effects. Gravity. Tension. I do not disrespect or sit in judgment. I join the prayerful in their eagerness to find a way forward that has integrity. My contributions should be a help, not a hindrance. We pray to serve and to find alternatives to violence, out of compassion for ourselves in our own suffering. Let us work together. May Allah have mercy when we stray or delay, and write new teachings in our hearts.