Saturday, September 26, 2009

Private Party

This is more live blogging from a music venue, a different ambiance from last night's coffee shop experience. Welcome back to Duke's Landing.

Richard and I sampled the breakfast special, catered by the establishment, after setting up the studio recording equipment trucked from company HQS. Lindsey is laying down tracks, including Free Strippers and Drugs, her newest hit single.

Hardly anyone knows about this event as the posters around town did not disclose the venue. We used a treasure hunt motif to weed out all but the most serious die-hards. We're all cold sober. No booze, no drugs. Just breakfast.

Lindsey started her gig by reading aloud (for the recording) the cover letter going out to the neighbors, aimed at getting them on board with some conspiracy around this Evil Lair:
Plan C is to lure you all over to my evil Dukes Landing lair for an open house to partake take in all future evils such as holding United States hostage by threatening to get rid of the penny, or to create global warming if Bush doesn't resign as president and let a black American become president (this can only be thought of by an evil genius, I am glad I am soo evil).
Yeah, kinda wild and crazy. Management is trying to get folks around here to lighten up about stuff, but then this brand of humor is coming from an unauthorized source. Most Americans only trust David Letterman or Jay Leno or that Comedy Central guy to be funny. Home grown humor is considered too wacko by the rank and file. Yes, I exaggerate for effect -- not everyone finds that funny, I realize.