Thursday, January 08, 2009


Synergetics Toon Map
click for larger view
The above hypertoon diagram will seem somewhat cryptic if you haven't specialized in the buckaneer stuff we teach. Basically any model or system needs a clock or rhythm machine (drum set), plus a corkscrewing / spiral motion, in some symmetry setup. Ours is the "bow tie" with a twisting Jitterbug (JB) connecting the VE (vector equilibrium) to the Icosahedron, our signature 5-folder, and branch point to HP4E (Hexapents for Everyone).

The Icosahedron's dual, the Pentagonal Dodecahedron (PD) has some nice relationships with the cube, known since ancient times, which we enjoy sharing about. We're really in to Neolithic Math remember, not trying to prove they were dummies back then (we admire the anthro design).

The two-frequency cube of volume 24 contains the volume 20 VE, which jitterbugs down to the unit volume tetrahedron. A discussion about sphere packing (CCP) connects these two nodes, as well as ropes in the Icosahedron (1, 12, 42, 92... is common to both the VE and Icosa). The tetrahedron, our self-dual within a "duo-tet cube" of volume 3, is our inside-outing agent, that which bridges the two bows in some inside-outing (IO) type operation.

Other designs will feature different notions of "clock" and "pulsation" but you're likely to find features in common with this generic one, given its skelatal nature, using well-known polyhedra for grist. Most teachers don't object to our "spicing it up" with Synergetics in some ways. Even if you work mostly with Windows (XYZ thinking), a quick foray into Linux World now and then (like to the holodeck for R&R) sends you back smarter. You're more ready for that day job, having sampled some alien literature. So just remember: it's not either/or.