Monday, October 20, 2008

Eye Exam

I'm sitting here with dilated pupils, having just undergone an eye exam, after a dog ate my glasses.

Having interviewed Lenscrafters staff, I now know that dogs eating eyeglasses is in no way an unusual occurrence, maybe six customers a week with that story in a busy mall outlet. Cats do it too.

While waiting for new glasses, I browsed books in Barnes & Noble, including one called The Failure Factory by Bill Gertz, about a lot of folks I don't know (amidst the usual suspects) being livid, angry, engaged in shouting matches etc., characteristically "B team" (self-indulgent) behaviors. The author seems especially pissed off by the 2007 NIE, which suggested that Iran's ayatollahs might not be hell bent on joining that losers' club of nuke heads.

Another book I've been browsing lately, likewise by a journalist interested in the intelligence community: Crazy by Pete Earley, a first person saga involving finding appropriate treatment for his mentally distressed son, while continuing to bump up against the criminal justice system.

These 50 year old eyes are pretty OK if somewhat misshapen. The optometrist discovered some unexplained vertical scarring in the back of my right one, heavily pigmented, perhaps congenital, and not interfering with vision (I passed the peripheral vision test with flying colors). One eye is still correctable to better than 20-20.

No colonoscopy yet; maybe I'll wait until 51 as a birthday present to myself.