Saturday, July 19, 2008

Interest Group

Key: Qs = Quakers, Ws = Wanderers

The children were off enjoying DaVinci Days, a Corvallis tradition, so I heisted their meeting room, given the retractable screen, ethernet... the perfect venue.

I lugged the Saturday Academy pack from Portland: Logitech X-230 speakers; Optoma projector; Ubuntu Dell laptop -- but not so many geometry toyz this time.

I felt privileged to have some very relevant peers present: a sociologist (Jim), a media pro (Steve), a treaty enforcement expert (Jennifer), a company coach (Larry), a health educator (Leslie).

I separated my talk into four Z-layers: personal, metaphysical, situational and historical, with an eye towards interconnecting them.

We mostly went on a tour of my blogs, pausing to watch a few YouTubes along the way. I also projected my Quakers on Youtube, itself not on YouTube (yet).

Q-Meter (oops, spelled hopeful wrong)
The idea of a Q-meter is somewhat tongue in cheek, a play on Scientology's E-meter. With the Q-meter, we ask ourselves where we stand on the utopian to dystopian spectrum, like are we feeling more like Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde today?

A "corporate query" is where we ask about Quakers, not just about ourselves as individuals, although of course it's ultimately as individuals that we freely seek, discover and speak.

Here's a dynamite title for some futuristic interest group: James Nayler: Cold Warrior. Think about it anyway, not saying I have to lead it.