Thursday, December 27, 2007

Boxing Day 2007

The family hosting the Boxing Day party had a suitably English Manor type home, complete with vaulted ceiling, roaring fireplace, a Narnia-style wardrobe. I ate too many of those little cream puffs, meaning more time in the gym.

The English professor and his wife had absorbed a lot of style tips while on sabbatical along the British coast lo those many years back. The unicorns were an especially nice touch. To this day they attend our Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, Oregon every year.

I also chatted with an elder who knows roses, was a CO near Bend (later the mid-west) back in the day (WWII -- Doug Strain's generation). He spoke in worshipful tones of Crater Lake (he'd sought property near there), Mount Hood (gorgeous)... Sacajawea (he liked that the Ken Burns documentary had given her a lot of focus, didn't know about the coin).

For formal wear, I wore my Homer Simpson in a tux (holding a remote) T-shirt, a Christmas gift from Alexia and John.