Friday, September 29, 2006

Gnuvy Krew Calculus

a Pythonic desktop
(click for larger view)

I'm not really expecting the term "gnuvy krew" to spread very far. For me personally, it's a reminder of United Voices (UV), sometimes referred to as "UV Krew" and a former program of the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) out of the Portland office on East Burnside, headed by Mary Ann Prado.

Here're a some cross references: [visit to Cambridge][push into TV][math makeover campaign].

I think of "the gnuvy krew" as my fellow gnu math teachers. We often use source code to communicate key mathematical concepts.

For example, in the screen shot above, I'm plotting a 4th degree polynomial and its first and second derivatives, using the Python code open in the left window, and an interactive shell, top right (click the picture for a bigger version).

It's all pretty home grown, and hence a bit idiosyncratic. Expressing your own individuality is not verboten in gnu math teaching.

Given the tools I'm using (Calculus, Python, VPython, a Pentium running WinXP, and now Blogger) represent many centuries of combined labor and R&D, one could argue that this quirky personal overlay is nought but a thin veneer over a vast invisible army's collective effort.

Be that as it may, I encourage gnuvy krewers to personalize their teaching materials as another way of adding value, even as they edit/recombine material from others per the open source ethic (which often includes giving and/or getting credit for stuff).

Anyway, use your persona to add positive value, to take advantage of the Principle of Synergetic Advantage. Add your own spin, why not?

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