Saturday, December 03, 2005


This marks the first time I've uploaded a picture to my blog directly from my camera's memory card, via the Mozilla FireFox browser and USB (looking foward to WUSB). These are some of the toys in my personal collection:

  • The cubocta (lower left) with magnetic edges around a foam sphere is by Kenneth Snelson.
  • The plastic hinge-bonded cube (upper right) is from Polymorf.
  • The larger glow-in-the-dark buckyball (top center) is from DaMert, based on an earlier design by Roger Gilbertson of Mondo-tronics (with supporting notes by me).
  • The wooden puzzles are from Design Science Toys in Tivoli, New York.
  • I forget who did the smaller buckyball executive toy in the middle (uses magnets)
  • I don't currently own any Zome.
  • The coffee coasters are from Lesotho.

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