Monday, July 25, 2005

More on Gothenberg

My day in Liseberg, Gothenberg

A thing I did in Gothenburg: buy an all-day rider's pass at Korsvagen, use it even on the ferry boats, and go to Vrango to read Quicksilver and take pictures. At the terminus of tram 11, I found myself in a Thai food kiosk. Guido and family were also present, having previously ordered and waiting to collect the merchandise. Guido had it on good authority that the food here was indeed good. And it was. I got in trouble for eating it in the upstairs cafe enroute to Vrango -- the whole upstairs belongs to the coffee counter (I'd surmised only the closest tier, misjudging the scope of the counter's authority). I was flattered that she lectured me in Swedish. Scandanavians are cool.

Gothenberg has a "Lip Stick Building" similar to our "Candle Building" (KOIN Tower), only theirs is more over the top.

Liseberg was great fun. There I was, all by myself, a 47 year old guy kicking around an amusement park, and who should show up but the University of Washington Varsity and Alumni band! Great baton twirler, enthusiastic musicians. My fellow amusement park goers stood around and clapped, trully impressed in some cases.

I bought an "as many rides as you can stand" pass in Liseberg. I went twice on the roller coaster that parallels the escalators to the tower, once on the others. And that swing thing towards the middle, next to Kannen's 360, wow. I hadn't watched a session before boarding (was just doing my random walk) and wished I'd pocketed my glasses. 47 year old man goes round and round and upside down. In Gothenberg. Fun.