Friday, February 18, 2005

Adventures in Radio Land (part 2)

James Arthur Jancik
(web cam snap)

Per my blog entry back in October, 2004, Sunanda and I were interviewed by James "Black Knight" Jancik for a talk radio station syndicating out of Chicago. I've archived the page advertising this coming Sunday's broadcast since it'll go away soon. The broadcast itself should remain accessible in the past shows section off the show's main web page.

I've heard the broadcast and like it OK, although the audio quality sucks in the first 12-13 minutes -- the boost on the phone line adds an annoying hum. Plus I'll rightly take flak for saying blacks outnumbered whites in the lower ranks in Vietnam -- I should have said blacks were under represented in the higher ranks.

The gist of my remarks: insofar as we still have any great pirates, they'd be operating collaboratively to raise global living standards, as it'd be in their own best interests to do so. However, the petty pace at which we creep suggests the breed has died out.

This analysis'd be consistent with Bucky's Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth wherein he suggests those with the best overview kept their grip on power by keeping others specialized and compartmentalized. This strategy backfired when science pushed the frontier into the extrasensory realm, off the visible spectrum, and pirates could no longer see their treasure i.e. their ability to follow the action was drastically reduced. By now, everyone is overspecialized and no one has overview (the headless chicken syndrome).

However, if you're still looking for great pirates, I suggest knocking on doors in Japan, as that's where miniaturization and more-with-less innovation seem to be happening the fastest.

My colleague, elder and co-interviewee, Micheal Sunanda, provides more of his trademark back to nature, unreformed hippie perspective (he's been on this show before). The fact that we're opposites in so many ways (yet both students of Fuller) sharpens our banter with contrasting shadows and polarized light.

Given the trickle of new browsers to my page coming from this radio show site, I figured it was finally time to fill in the blanks re food, shelter, energy, education and health. I kept it short, commensurate with the expected average attention span.

Excerpts in Real Media (.rm) format:
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Excerpts in .mp3 format:
[ school of nature ] [ recruiting ] [ russia & japan ] [ cold war ]