Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Xmas 2018

PDX International Airport

The internet is slow today, given everyone using it.  I'm able to squeeze one picture at a time up to Flickr, which may have timed out by the time you read this.  I wrote this at the close of 2018.

Last year around this time, I had recently returned from Georgia and Alabama, where I was visiting family.  This year, family came to see me.  We phoned my sister in California.

Last night some of us went to Multnomah Meeting and sang Christmas carols, did Bible readings, telling the Christian story.  This included a short Meeting for Worship during which I'm told I snored lightly, whereas from my point of view I was awake for the whole thing.

There's a partial USG shutdown going on and the Wall Streeters have taken a beating or at least suffered a bear market.  USG prefigures USA OS (operating system) in my book i.e. is the prequel.

Lindsey watched all episodes of Star Wars on her flight from China, minus Episode 4, the original.

I'm not too worried about the dip in the stock market as I've always been a bear in some ways, even though the Urner emblem is an ox (a bovine).

Last night I was back to brain anatomy, but from the point of view of wanting to build a graph database about it using Cypher.  A graph database does not aim to simulate the brain, only to record what we suppose we know about it.

I've been working on a graph of dead poets, with fellow travelers.

Given the living room, recently redecorated and rearranged, thanks in part to a heat budget, contains Flextegrity, there's some discussion of futuristic businesses and their prospects.

I'm planning some more networking around T4P and GST before 2018 closes out.  Year of the Pig starts in February, which has other connotations than "pigging out" some places in the world.  "Legally piggily" is a principal association around here (parietal lobe).