Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Coffee Shop Meetup

Coding with Kids

I hopped the 14 downtown, using a 2.5 hour ticket, another one coming back, this time on the 2.  TriMet has cut the 4's route in half.  I used to go all the way to St. John's on the 4, from blocks away. But the 75 heads that way too.  Why not have the 2 head into town along Division, and let the 4 take it onward?  That's what they've done.

I got to meet the founder of Coding with Kids, which has been expanding rapidly.  I've been teaching 2D / 3D animation this term, with concepts such as key frames and in betweening, with each object of interest getting its own timeline.  I know about cuts and dissolves, but we're middle school and younger and might not have a lot of patience for film school at the moment.

How to merge the new literacies with the old ones is an ongoing challenge which I think, write and talk about a lot, as do many of my peers.  Educators tend to talk about education, as a process, as a set of practices, in terms of feedback loops and so on.  Our meetup today was a first opportunity for a lot of us to meet one another, even though we're all working in the same city.  Actually, technically, we're not in the same city.  Beaverton and Portland have their own school districts.

Upon getting home I found Carol wanted to watch a documentary about Ruth Ginsberg, which she could in theory watch on her computer, but we opted for the living room player, as that gave her more of an opportunity to practice walking.  She's making a come back.  However, with headphones, on her laptop, might actually work better and we could try that for some next DVD.

Deke the Geek came over and we talked about some of the truckology I've been learning, regarding ELDs (electronic logging devices) and so on.  You'll see these blogs reflecting my surges in this or that direction.  We're not a trucking family, however the data science business and World Game have helped me leverage what little background I've had.  Traveling the twisty turny roads of the high Himalayas should count for something, whether or not I was at the wheel.