Saturday, September 24, 2016

Star Party


"Star Party" is a bit tongue in cheek (a wry joke) as the night sky was overcast and not even the moons (of Jupiter) were to be seen.  Never mind, we knew in advance that'd be the case.  This was our Wanderers retreat, coupled with an open house for Brenda, who runs a farm out towards Mt. Hood.

Carol (mom) has been glued to the TV (Internet) watching a conference she didn't make it to in WDC (Washington, DC).  Given quite a number of registered ended up in overflow rooms watching on TV as well, her remaining in the comfort of her home office seems a good decision.

Since her program started up again early this morning, and for other reasons, we didn't say at the farm very long, were among the very first to leave (when latecomers were just arriving).  I tried some really interesting and tasty dishes, including some "LDS beer" (home crafted dark ale by a Mormon craftsman).

Given I was the designated driver (with two passengers), I was light on the alcohol, imbibing only three thimble sized cups in the last hour, with my usual couple bottles in the first hour.  If we'd stayed any later, I would have switched to coffee.  As it was, I was awake and alert both ways, not a problem.  We shot out on Hwy 26, returning by I-84 much of the way.  The art car works great, still plenty muscular for my needs.

Glenn recently found the third of three volumes (with an index), in translation, by that German philosopher guy, bucking to be the next Heidegger maybe?  The title of this one is Foam.  Glenn says it's about insiders and outsiders, as defined by container metaphors (i.e. spheres, bubbles, systems of any kind -- like a tetrahedron).