Monday, September 05, 2016

Neil Stryker and the Tyrants of Time (movie review)

My special "in" or "angle" on this production is I'm friends with one of the co-producers, the Taylor Twins dad, Allen Taylor, another Wanderer.

Thanks to Allen's mind-bending family, my horizons were earlier expanded by Evil Cult, my induction into the Stryker series.

That I saw this new 2016 movie almost back to back with the 1976 Logan's Run was perfect, as the Stryker films synthesize and parody a million hours in between.  I'd call it "gentle parody" because it jumps right in with its own twisted storytelling, with no aloofness.

Film has many sweet spots in lower budget realms, as in Serenity. TV has been both a curse and a blessing, in providing new techniques. I'm not the expert.

This film had a large crew and some surprisingly good production values.  Some stuff "looks fake" in the way Budapest Hotel looks fake -- quite on purpose.  Mostly what's on display is mastery of the medium.  Nic Costa and company have film making down.

The small Laurelhurst theater #3 was packed, as it had been in theater #1 after Logan's Run.  I'd stayed behind hoping to squeeze in but ended up buying a ticket for Sunday instead.  I walked both ways from my Richmond abode, through the same Laurelhurst park I'd been riding around just hours before.

Tyrants of Time is dedicated to film buffs, with so many implicit and overt allusions to its genres (horror, science fiction... ) that enumeration would be pointless.  Back to the Future might be a place to start.  Yes, the goblins look like Gollum.  Yes, that's the Star Trek guy (Walter Koenig) choosing to stay there.

Allen plays a cameo as usual and I was watching for him.  Note that Rob Taylor plays Neil Stryker and the Mad Scientist. That's part of the fun.

Neil Stryker and the Tyrant of Time