Friday, June 24, 2016

Slogging On


Having reupped and raised with PythonAnywhere, going from free to paid, I'm today chipping away at my Django project, prototyped in Sqlite in a Jupyter Notebook, as seen on TV (just a saying).

Spinning up the PostgreSQL server was step one, achieved.

Step two has become gaining ssh access from mackurner, my localhost, but that's proving problematic, so I wrote to support (in the UK timezone).  Next morning:  OK, I'm in.

Speaking of the UK, today is "Brexit Day" destined to go down in history as "One of Those Days" days.  I've been touting #BBCmath as appropriate for Silicon [Forest | Valley | Hills | Alley] bitcoin miners and OS Bridge and OSCON fans -- a ragtag band of geeks in other words.

In tagging #BBCmath I'm referring to equipment not yet available in the US, as the UK is running ahead in this space.  BBC is issuing about seven million Microbits in a first wave of sharing.  These are less high powered than the Pi, but the goal is to create a self catalyzing peer group that self selects to experiment with more expensive devices (OLPC was likewise self-booting, with many of those early bird XO users by now on Ubuntu or one of those).

This stuff I'm doing around PythonAnywhere is pretty much what I'd have tried were I able to get my head around AWS when I had the chance.  That was one of my several failures, but not really, as PythonAnywhere is a shortcut to the same region of Cyberia.

I've got a review of Finding Dory in the works, however today was taken up with policy-making matters, still in proposal phase, regarding serving families more equitably and effectively with online educational services, giving guardians better access to the same courses their wards are getting. Sometimes the whole family shares an interest in learning English and Calculus (λ and/or Δ)

I have my own "Dory moments" like when I confuse a localhost with some other localhost and stop using the right passwords.  Sometimes I lock myself out just by trying the wrong key too many times. They do it for my own protection.  That's how it is in "the cloud".

I'm eager to free college level teachers from having to do "remedial" anything and am surprise they've been asked to stoop to that level when high school level teachers are perfectly able to cover those topics.

Yes, I'm tracking that #DAO hack but wonder at the easy use of $53 million or whatever as the amount thefted or accepted (depends whom you read), as that's pegging to the dollar in ways that won't stand the test of time, regardless.

People will read those stories years from now and wonder about how many tacos per ether that was.   A whole lot?  For a bank heist, I suppose $53 million is pretty meager, by world standards.

Plus how were you planning to cash out for those amounts?  What taco stands in your neighborhood take ethercoin?

Anyway, not really my business.  Call me "empty wallet" and move on (as far as ethercoin goes).

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) science is stereotypically hobbyist, but there's an illusion there, as in misleading mirage.  Really, there is only DIY science, since someone, somewhere, has to do the work of comprehending, critiquing, and composing (the "three Cs").

No AI bot is about to step in, deus ex machina, and relieve us from DIY.

On the other hand, DIY includes using automation where appropriate, so let's not make the other mistake, of thinking DIY somehow means "Luddite" -- that's just crazy talk.

Heroku is another way to get your Django projects out there, or go with Cloud9.  I've tried them all and enjoy them all.  There's more where those came from I'm sure.