Sunday, August 16, 2015

HSF 2015

(def HSF-2015 "Hawthorne Street Fair") in Clojure.  Symbols may have that hyphen, whereas in many computer languages the parser would see that as a subtraction operator.

Anyway, you'll see I focus on merchants and merchandize a lot, which is what a Fair is all about in some respects.  And showing off interesting canines.  I really enjoyed the dogs this year, missed the art cars, not saying they weren't there.

I did two passes through the festival.

The first time, with camera, starting at Fred Meyer's and working west all the way to the Cuban restaurant and the pink Voodoo Donuts food cart in the middle of the street.  Then I cut over to a quiet back street and ambled home, to upload my catch.  Great fun.

The second time I left the camera at home and joined Deke the Geek at StarBucks, already in good company.  I then headed west as before, but zigzagging almost to Belmont, winding up at said Cuban place, by way of the Growler Store, permitted to have beer in its parking lot.

I listened to folk music over a pint of IPA (just one), then ate Cuban food (rejoined by Deke at that point) then headed to the gym for my workout.  Pork mojo, tostones (fried plantaines) on the side, with brown rice and black beans.  Excellent.  My first time there.  Used to be a Taco Del Mar, which I also liked.  Deke took some pictures too (to be included in the above album when I get them).

At the gym I switched from Elliptical A (the model I'm used to) to Elliptical B (why not?), forgetting I'd already dumped my Android in a cylinder attached to A.  I was almost home again before realizing my mistake and hopped in the Nissan to get back as quickly as I could.  Still there.  Lucky me.

I saw several of my friends, including a Quaker or more, milling about, from my various vantage points.  I texted two of them, but did not interrupt their sojourns.  I also met up with a Hanukkah party regular and we talked about an upcoming photography exhibit at Newspace.

I'd planned yet a third circuit, with camera again, before closing time at 7 PM, and a re-opening to motor vehicles.  That was not to be, as I got involved in cyber-projects and let the time fly by.