Thursday, August 13, 2015

Health Talk


I'll mix body and home, anatomy and domicile, in this one.  Indeed, for say... termites and ants, and also humans -- especially the city-dwellers -- distinguishing where "organism" leaves off and "not organism" begins is a tricky prospect, best avoided.

I like what Glenn reminded me to think:  habits and habitat go together.  They inform each other, two way street.  If possible, being humans, we'll typically attempt to transform an environment to match our habits as a first strategy.  If that doesn't work, there's always adapting, developing new habits.

But that's not always the first option you choose.  "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em" is a pattern you've sometimes followed with Nature, not just with your fellow humans.  In other words, you try to beat 'em first.  Maybe think about joining first?  You can always beat 'em later. :-D

On the home front, given the neighbors, here for thirty five years, have sold the place and moved away -- kindly gifting me with both BBQ and lawn mower (gas powered) -- I had a smallish timedelta (Python object) to tackle the east side of my garage, with ladder, gutter scoop, broom, hose, bucket, before the new neighbors moved in.

Wow, talk about ant farms!  That gutter, never cleaned in N years, was a super ant habitat and I came along and messed it all up for them.  I was covered with ants in no time, as was the ladder, which is where the hose came in handy, slung over the fence, so using only my water.

I also raked up afterward to make it all spic and span, buying a new Black & Decker rake at Fred Meyer's just this morning.

On the body front:  got a six month physical today, monitoring various parameters.  The Achilles tendon has become chronically tender (a previously blogged complaint).  Almost poetically, this condition has become the Achilles Heel of  my weight loss and maintenance program.  I'm up to 279 lbs, still holding the waistline at 40 inches.  I'm drawing the line.

I've discovered recently that using the Elliptical, at the gym, does not inflame the tendon further and that that has become my newest form of regular exercise.  I bench press about 70 lbs while I'm at it, as a way of cooling down (it's a smooth machine, no free weight aspect).

Aside from that and "swimmer's ear", other minor issues, I was good to go until next January.  I am not taking any medications beyond the usual non-prescription supplements.

In between home and body:  my Internet connection.  Once, when a truck yanked my DSL line from the house -- it was hung too low -- I felt I was witnessing an umbilical cord being severed.  Home or body?

I've been seeing the CenturyLink vans around the neighborhood leading me to think gigabyte optical fiber speeds are now attainable.  Deke thought they might be.  They are.  I've been waiting.

That's going to cost me a lot more in phone bills which means I need to cut the fat elsewhere, literally.

A good way to accomplish that is to take the Alaska Airlines Visa off line for awhile and go back to habits I picked up in Food Not Bombs days.

Expect FNB to feature more prominently, as I get back into that lifestyle, not necessarily a step down in any way.  More bicycle use predicted.  Blogs are good for declarations like that as one never knows when the Pope is reading it. :-D

I should mention the dog's health:  she lost most of her mobility but still has an appetite for life.  I'm keeping her company, the Chair of Computer Science (inherited from Steve Holden) being in the coolest room in the house, not counting the basement.

Knock on the door:  a realtor representing a possible buyer on the other side is scoping the sewer.  That's right, title is changing on both sides of me.  Hmmm, sewer talk:  that's for a future blog post as well. I did have my first colonoscopy last season.

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