Sunday, February 01, 2015

Trash TV

I stayed up watching trash TV last night, catching up on some Criminal Mind shows.  A lot of the better series have been diluted into soft snuff flicks, quite macabre.  The one last night was about serial killers but nothing so witty as Dexter, just raw ugliness targeted mainly at aging couch potatoes who might be interested in buying jewelry and vitamins, plus more exotic drugs (ask your doctor).

In one of the other plots, a seriously badass killer bank robber lady, pretty, manages to get us thinking of Chad and Libya as she careens through the streets in a stolen government vehicle, her boyfriend gone sour on the military having been chewed up and spit out or whatever.

The FBI has to hunt them down.  The soured-on-military guy is a known species the FBI profiles, another brand of throwaway.

When a medic is killed in the line of duty by the badass, a black fire truck guy, a first responder, the elite FBI group scarcely misses a beat, as rescuing the boyfriend and marrying him is what this really is all about (gotta leave time for the dancing at the end).

By that time, the plot is certainly ready to kill off another black guy whose life doesn't matter to the storytelling.  TV is good at throwing away lots of cast without generating loose ends, especially when each story is in a different city.

The idea of huge stadiums of people watching this fun house mirror version of reality, is somewhat disturbing.  We know that's the real horror show, all those couch zombies just lying there, staring at this stuff, getting programmed in the Matrix -- but the truth is a bit too scary sometimes.

Better to focus on attention seeking serial killers and all those bad scary people in Libya and Yemen and like that.  That's what sells jewelry, not some mirror mirror on the wall (that's in another room of the house).