Thursday, July 17, 2014

Ramping Up

We're ramping up to OSCON around OST, as our parent company, ORM, is OSCON's main sponsor / organizer, though with lots of help behind the scenes.  OST = O'Reilly School of Technology. OSCON = Open Source Convention.

Long time readers / explorers in my blogs / journals may know that OSCON started out as a Perl Conference, an inclusive tent that gradually drew in the OSS languages (OSS = open source software), for example:  Perl itself, Python, Ruby, PHP... Apache projects, the GNU stuff (gcc, bash... emacs, vi), Linux, FreeBSD... actually millions of projects count as open source software, so it's like trying to enumerate "the animals of the earth" (Noah's check list).  GNU = GNU is Not Unix.

FreeBSD is a Berkeley (UC Berkeley) flavor of UNIX.  UC = University of California.

Anyway, ramping up for OSCON.  You can tell, right?  ORM = O'Reilly Media.  Got my new business cards today.