Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Thoughtless Generation

The horrific mutilation and scarring of Mt. Tabor, an historic site, is due to begin this October.

The Southeast Examiner ('The Fast Track Reservoir Disconnect' by Midge Pierce, April 2014) pleads with neighbors to fight this elective mastectomy / self-disfigurement, but for $7 million, the contractor-mercenaries are lined up behind one of the most loathed politicians in Portland's history, Nick Fish.

This ignorant and suicidal attack on our own infrastructure and water system is psychopathic to the core, yet citizens already know that governments will run amuck and commit to policies more damaging than any army of vandals could ever hope to imitate.

OMSI, a once great science museum, has not heeded proposals to model the civic water system to its citizens.  I think by now it's too late.

This sell-out, once great museum is complicit in the denigration of Portland's living standards, in its refusal to go with place-based education.

We all learn to overlook what's happening locally in exchange for the fiction of "caring" globally.  Sappy liberals are as much to blame as butt-ignorant ditto heads.

Our "environmentalist state" is in the process of being betrayed at the deepest level, by the odious Nick Fish in Portland, and by a weak / spineless governor, all set to let the coal economy exploit our infrastructure for the purely private gain of greedy idiocrats.

Politicians:  the scum of the Earth.

Speaking of betrayal by mercenaries, the fast tracking of the Transpacific Partnership trade "agreement" has attracted nothing but scorn from Cascadians.  This is the process by which governments delegitimize themselves and commend themselves to the ash heap of history.

We aren't surprised to see Washington DC first in line to self-disembowel.  That city has been a gutless wonder for longer than I can remember, a ceaseless source of bad / depraved decisions.  Why do people listen to DC anymore?  I know I don't.

May the family names and company brands of those who participate in the war on Mt. Tabor live on in infamy as traitors to our city.  Historians, do your homework.  These were among the truly depraved of our planet, as bad as Blackwater.

Remember not to be like them.  Have some self pride.  Be a generation the world celebrates, not an execrable monster of which history is ashamed.