Thursday, June 28, 2012

Kennedy School

An MVP is zipping through, me in chauffeur mode, still on the clock with work, school related.

I've been shaping a new STEM talk with these folks, setting it apart from Common Core Standards in that it sticks together, doesn't atomize.  Our icosahedron is allowed to talk to our virus, is encouraged to do so.  1, 12, 42...  it's a start.  V + F == E + 2.  The unit tet is relevant.

Our rank and file tends to know more American history, which doesn't have to mean they're from around here.  In Martian Math we learn more about the Orson Wells / H.G. Wells nexus.  Some of the panic was delayed, because the show was taped and replayed in other locales.  The Martians invaded again and again.

I posted to the Wittgenstein list I found it important.

One day at a time, we're not that wide in our bandwidth, or have a lot of it devoted to other things, but in the rear view mirror there's a pattern.  History is the same way.  Sure it pays to have a crystal ball that's prophetic.  That's a truism ya see.  In any case it's harder to see the pattern in one's own time, because we have a lot of stuff going, many mirrors to check.

Some school districts advise teachers to have no Internet profile, to not have a cyber identity.  My response is teachers in any age should be role models and a lot of the burden shifts to celebrities and superheros when the teachers cop out.

On the contrary, it's a teacher's job to manage an on line identity (or several), to show how it's done.  The effect might be comic.  I'm not suggesting one only wear a serious face, when making waves in Cyberia.