Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Interdependence Day 2012

There's some dancing in the streets at the moment, but I'm holed up in a man cave somewhere, hewing through stones or whatever it is I do.

Doesn't mean I can't be there in spirit (so I'm joining), plus I'm scheduled to attend festivities later this evening.

See you in two, JenQ (she's leaving us for awhile).

Thanks for admin rights on the FNB page, that's awesome.

Much of my day was spent in Steve's apartment.  Michelle came through to help prep the place for this weekend's training (Python). The trainer is staying here, while the training itself is in another venue, and already sold out.  PSF grant monies are involved to pay for air fare (she's coming from Boston).

I've been chatting with Holden in the background about a coding class or classes that would pick up the home ec thread and weave in GST, while at the same time giving video editing geeks a skills practice setup.

In STEM, we tend to teach all subjects at once, so those solar rays fuel the photosynthesis of calories, which become your corn flakes, which fuel (as metabolites) those First Person Physics things that you do (never breaking the laws of science, which are exceptionless).

Coding already has many semantic overlaps with cooking, at least in English-American (Amerish).  Not only are algorithms called recipes, motivating cookbooks such as the Python Cookbook, but projects are ranked as to how "baked" they are, with "half baked" more like alpha or vaporware, all the way to mature fully baked projects (or call the products at that stage).

The PER community (physics education research) is a bit miffed that Google is pumping a mil into so-called EDI (explicit direct instruction) versus IE (interactive exploration).  A lot of research shows students benefit from the challenge of constructing their own reality (yes, I'm using buzzwords).  However, as I point out on the listserv [link to full text]:
Here's a compromise: remember Show & Tell? Students took turns.

That's where IE meets EDI: students are expected to perform by
delivering model lectures on various topics.

In geekdom, we call these Lightning Talks and we've bundled and
franchised these into "Ignite" events, e.g. Ignite Portland, Ignite
Austin etc. We even have at GOSCONs. (note
sponsors Jive and Urban Airship -- officially geekazoid).
Michelle was off to the Hackathon (all genders) whereas I was headed to Colonel Summers Park for the evening's festivities.  There's some overlap in our respective communities already.  Michael Jennings, Simon, Lindsey used to write Perl...  Speaking of which, we're thinking to have a Dynamic Languages group hug of a booth at OSCON.  The agiles need to stick together (sometimes).