Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Reality Based Economics

Reality Based Economics

I won't be able to do justice to this one. Attendance was high. I came late. Trish and her son were already sitting on the steps (the back bleachers). I ended up poking my head in and out, even sitting on the floor in the adjoining space, shades of the telekinesis lecture.

However I did think of another analogy for Wanderers: we're like those taxi drivers who seem to know a lot, because we drive MVPs around, pick up lots of stories. Except without the taxis. Cue laugh track.

Barry the banker is sparring with our guest, William Daniels. Lindsey met him through OPDX.

I'm a chauffeur this evening, akin to a taxi driver. I'm actually running the car around, took it to Jiffy Lube today. Spent just shy of $200.

People have so many different ways of talking, don't they?

My MVP is Anna of Alaska. The fate of Thunderbird Academy was discussed. It's a middle college today and she's acknowledged as a founder, but it's not quite the vision she started with (or we did, years ago).

The talk concepts are big picture. I'd characterize the rap as Critical Path 101.

Next day, meeting with Anna: we discussed the software picture when it comes to managing student workflow in Alaska.

The State of Alaska does many innovative things with no obvious parallel in other states.

The lease back program on home computers and musical instruments is worth sharing about: the school pays you for the time you need using the equipment to do school work, effectively paying you rent for tools you own while you work with them on your homework.