Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wanderers 2011.10.20

The biggest surprise of the day: Gordon Hoffman at Wanderers this morning. He was in good shape, talking up all his pet topics, chief among them the bankrupting of the state by state unions.

You'd think Buzz, former Rush Limbaugh conservative (right Buzz?) would be hot against that position, and you'd be right. Sparks flew. I missed a lot of it, as I was rushing Jim Buxton's chantrelles back to mom at the Blue House, then got into a back office quagmire with some math teachers. Some Wanderers went out for breakfast later, at Mt. Tabor Cafe: Di Nucci, Bunce, Mastin, Wardwell and myself. Stockton has a cold, as do I (lots of coughing), as does Lindsey (has it worse, given sleep deprivation at OPDX).

Speaking of OPDX, I went there next on TriMet, partly to get the scoop on the "missing child" episode that had so exercised some grownups. The 10-year-old had wanted to protest against Bank of America "because they took my mom's money", and to get a makeover at Nordstrom's. No, I wasn't there. Lindsey was helping to look after her, after she (the 10 year old) dumped most the paint in the art booth into her own hair. Where was mom? People put the story together later. No one behaved wrongly, unless you count youthful exuberance as somewhat over the top. Because Officer Walker had been providing some adult supervision, I figured she might know something, and she did. But then that was just one scenario among many in the fast moving action.

Ever hear of Crazy Mary? They want to share our FNB tent site. I got back to the guy right away after he queried the PDXFNB list. I've been suggesting Friends use that tent as a landmark to congregate, if looking for one another. Our OPDX Support Committee is just forming. I'm not on it (that committee), as my role is already cut out with FNB, which has been using the Multnomah Friends kitchen since last September (until OTY moved to NE). St. David of Wales is also in support of FNB logistics, so VBC may want a footprint as well. The irony: real estate in PDV is going through the roof as people angle for a booth ala Saturday Market, and yet they're really not about making money (at least not yet). Fancy that.

Supporting OPDX

New FNB Tent