Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Through the Needle's Eye

:: carol urner ::

Carol (my mother) is regaling Friends with stories about her activism during her time in the Philippines.

The Quakers are doing a series featuring people who have published Pendle Hill Pamphlets. Mom has written two (#275, #317).

We have about thirteen people here.

Mom has a lot of inside stories to tell.

She's experienced the grief of whole peoples, which has driven her to take action.

In the story she's telling now, she was working to prevent the deportation of a tribal priest in the Philippines, an ethnic Tiboli, and going to embassies, using her clout. She was successful in this case, or the community was.

She spent quite a bit of her talk extolling the virtuous life of Abdul Ghaffar Khan, at one time a great leader in the Stans.