Wednesday, October 26, 2011

In a Nutshell

Q: I have yet to understand how we let corporations become people.

A: when Lincoln freed the slaves and said "you have full rights" the railroad companies said "hey, we want our full rights too" (corporations hadn't been real people either)

Excerpt from Math Forum:

> "OPDX campus", PSU ?? What are they?

OPDX is a temporary public simulation giving young
people opportunities to develop leadership skills and
to recompute the equations that govern our society.
They put their values into action, negotiate with city
and state authorities, run food and sanitation logistics,
face bitter cold. All in the heart of downtown Portland.
It's a bold project for which the surrounding universities
take little credit (and deserve less).

PSU is Portland State University which does have
a Systems program with some life in it, and a world
famous Urban Studies program (thanks to Dr. Carl Abbott
et al).