Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sita Sings the Blues (movie review)

Glenn Stockton raved about this one. Later, Satya brought it up at Lindsey's birthday party.

With such discriminating individuals giving it a thumbs up, I queued it with rather high expectations.

Tara watched it too. We were not disappointed.

The foreground puppets remind us of what I have long considered: that shadow puppets and cartoons, theater more generally, are pretty much the same thing.

Here the genres blend, to give a special case reality, yet the generalized principles are what we're thinking about.

Many plots hinge on the presupposition that love triangles are unstable and lets say many of them are.

I liked the way the puppets blasphemed. Shades of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Shadow puppets could help teach Python, other subjects. I imagine those __ribs__.

We under-use so many of our best technologies, and over-use so many of our worst. No one is "making us".

Conditioned reflexes have staying power and as Bucky Fuller often taught: minus intuition and an openness to upgrades, we stay stuck in our robot-hood.

Even this Rama guy could be a real jerk sometimes.