Sunday, August 28, 2011


My thanks to Nick Consoletti for inviting me to join him at Peet's with Johnny Stallings. I hadn't seen Johnny in awhile. The story about getting costumes and props inventoried at the prison, so the dress rehearsal could occur, was a fine one. Nancy had put her heart into the jester's bauble and this was the one prop that was nixed. She offered to replace the wooden handle with a cardboard tube, and was given a green light.

Johnny both directs and performs plays in prisons. He's a deeply talented guy. We started talking about Richard Nixon and he remembered all about the movie I mentioned.

Nick came by for the afternoon, to hang out and use the wifi. He's based in Hillsboro these days, having navigated a change of scene. He comes in on the Max.

I'm using Facebook rather intensively these days, which is not my habit. I'm reconnecting with my old school in the Philippines more, plus logging a lot of details about my Quaker doings, wanting to get some of the details into my profile.

Hawthorne Street Fair today. I showed up around the Linus Pauling Center for Peace, Science and Health table, next to the Craigmore Creations booth. Patrick was in charge. I took some pictures. Terry had stopped by somewhat earlier, probably when I was in my Oversight Committee meeting.

Again, lots of bread crumbs on Facebook. Some FnB stuff there too, and comments on Tara's blog.

I drove Carol to the meetinghouse this morning, then walked back during meeting to grab my laptop. A bike route complete with street cones police directing traffic persuaded me to just leave the car by the Quakers until later. No one drives it but me, so that's OK. Carol got home by other means.

:: Patrick @ LPH table ::

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