Thursday, August 04, 2011

FNB 2011.8.4

Star date, captain's log, blah blah. Tara is on her way from OHSU. The week is frenetic. Food politics in the kitchen, with Satya, Lindsey and Aaron.

I brought up some debating points, but Satya's attitude was more "what's to argue about?".

I mentioned my "gringo go home" campaign w/r to Quinoa, though as Joe Snyder pointed out on Facebook, gentrification of basic food stuffs is a rampant scourge. Cash crops ya know.

Those with money feel entitled to externalize whatever costs eh?

Style matters. People want to have the right appearance. A coat of furs may be used to add status, but that approach may backfire. As in Spirited Away, one has lots of ways to turn into a pig.