Thursday, August 11, 2011

FNB 2011.8.11

My FnB Rig
My FnB Rig

I can hear them singing in the kitchen. I'm cast as janitor, more "clean up monster", my role kicking in around 5:45 PM. In the meantime, I'm blogging, also ducked out to Horse Brass to radio cell mates about various doings and happenings, imbibed an Ice Ax.

My philosophical remarks have been routed and filed. The Internet works well.

My role also included navigating from Multhnomah Friends to SE 28th, where there's a bike friendly bridge over I-84. North over East Broadway and along Tillamook or one of those, to N Williams, and the new OTY warehouse. Then back. Pulling SkyBlue. Filed flight plan on Riseup, a local network of listservs, used by Portland's active.

Was I the only 50+ year old in Greater Portland actively intervening to rescue food waste for park feasting? A funny thought to contemplate. Why not IEEE picnics based on this concept? The "not bombs" meme just makes good engineering sense. Why cling to some pseudo-Apollonian apologetics, as to why you'd choose bombs over food? You wanna be some oblivious Nazi or what?