Thursday, January 06, 2011

Office Note

I was the sole FNB guy on duty today.

Speaking of which, I thought Deb (at the meeting at Kell's) had a good way of using the word "guys" in a gender neutral manner. No need for "dolls". Just as easily, I could see using "dolls" but not "guys" down the road, if the guy dolls don't mind too much.

I used the carrots and potatoes Cera brought by, fresh from some plot, still dripping with dirt. These were cleaned and divided, with the potatoes going into a mash and the carrots, mixing with celery, turnip, other vegetables, going into a vegan soup (no meat broth or anything like that).

The trick to staying on schedule is to begin cleanup right away, and devote quite a bit of time to it throughout. By the time the meal is about ready, there's nothing left to do (except type in one's Quaker journal).