Tuesday, April 13, 2010

PPUG 2010.4.13

I made a quick visit to Portland Python User Group on the 16th floor of a downtown sky tower this evening, at the WebTrends office.

We're having sponsor-provided pizza but did not manage to secure permission from management to consume beer.

Our first presentation is on the "baker" module. This provides a customizable decorator that lets you export a bunch of functions to your external command line environment.

Jason has a proposal in the EuroPython. The GIS in Action conference, where I spoke last year, is about to get started, at PSU this year. The wheels keep turning.

Jason is quickly covering some 2.7 features, mainly new dict methods. He's noting that 3.x features have been back ported, but isn't sure what all these new features are. Dictionary and set comprehensions" are a neat. Adam is showing us those.

Kyle is showing us execnet. This lets you send Python code through an ssh connection for execution on remote Pythons, Jythons or whatever. The "channel" created by makegateway() uses its own serializing protocol, although you can specify a different one.

I'm busy cramming for a gig, supposedly an introduction to Python. I should probably get back to that. We must have like 40 people here, only one of us female. Lindsey (FOSS witch) is sending some grammatical remarks (corrections) through the ether, so is here in spirit.

Discogs & Python by Kevin Leweandowski (founder and CEO of Discogs) is about the Discogs database, which is wiki-like. The database has about 2 million entries, 4 million unique users a month, runs on about 30 servers. His latest architecture uses some Python ports of Ruby stuff: Routes, and WebHelpers (is that through Pylons?).

Kyle really appreciates the Python interactive console, one of its most unappreciated features (saves time in development, maintenance etc.).
If I leave now, I'll have a short time with Wanderers.