Thursday, January 28, 2010

Update on Projects

:: by D. Koski using vZome ::

Open Source:

I again tackled making the Win 7 laptop (named Flextegrity) a dual boot machine. My diagnosis is the motherboard Core i3 video is not yet Ubuntu-compatible, as of version 9.10 (Karmic Koala). I could only find one post on the problem.

Over on edu-sig, I've continued having fruitful dialog with some talented teachers. That's quite a strong archive if I say so myself. The PSF list is heating up with more discussions of nominations, which I feel at liberty to share, as Pycon is coming right up, so tiz the season. I'm just a freshman, joined PSF in 2009, so I've just been lurking mostly. This is my first time to even see the process.


A new shipment of version 5 has arrived, in multiple colors. We dove into assembly mode, building a tower. The parts are Home Depot compatible, or should be.

Replacing a squares-based with a triangles-based knitting pattern in later versions, made Flextegrity more robust, less brick-like. The orientation of the icosahedra in their join matrix was key.


I've "amberized" (frozen) the Wikipedia entry on Synergetics up to the latest SNEC fork, by moving it over to Wikieducator. I realize I have limited control over the Wikipedia version, should not expect it to stay on the track I originally envisioned for it.

On WikiEducator, I'm more like the school teacher or artist, with more creative control over the pages I instantiate. I've got a bunch. The Python Tutorials page was a collaborative effort.

Regarding the WikiEducator version: that first paragraph and block quote after "What is Synergetics?" was already the opening salvo when I inherited the page on Wikipedia. The page was languishing as a "stub" at the time.

I added the bullets, also verbatim Synergetics, then spent the balance of the entry seeking to shed light on those claims while providing more of a philosophical and/or literary context.

Think of Synergetics as akin to Finnegans Wake, with my contribution exegesis thereon -- a perfectly legitimate Wikipedia topic. Or maybe use the term "hermeneutics" if "exegesis" sounds too Biblical for ya?