Monday, November 09, 2009

Sleeping Bag Fundraiser


Transcript from Facebook:

Kirby: Thinking might approach Sisters of the Road for advice on this charity purchase at Andy & Bax. On the horn with the latter this morning. Wide assortment of cold weather gear inexpensive enough to merit a bulk discount, not just sleeping bags. We already have the sealed envelope from Laughing Horse, could still add to the kitty though

Aimee: Aimee Ford Conner: likes this.

Lindsey (Laughing Horse): I say we buy used sleeping bags from a thrift shop and transport them to the charity. That was my suggestion all along. No natural resources are expended that way and we get the most sleeping bags for the homeless as possible. (3 hours ago)

Kirby (4D): That's a good idea provided we find a source selling for significantly less than Andy & Bax. Getting guidance from the target NGO ("the field") would seem useful at this juncture. (3 hours ago)

Aimee: I like this idea and would like to help. I think (given my limitations) we'd only be able to offer $$ but the idea has more than merit. Thanks, Kirby. (2 hours ago)

Kirby: Latest plan: swing by Good Will and stock up, meet Julia (Laughing Horse) using company car, photo op, swing by charity and/or hand deliver to street person clients, congratulate ourselves and call it an evening. Execution phase immanent. (2 hours ago).

[Good Will proved a disappointment, information that they had "a lot of bags" was incorrect ]

Kirby: Consulting with experts led us to see US military surplus mummy bags, rated "Intermediate" as the most serious contribution to a street youth person. No, not waterproof, but you're under a bridge. Cheap bags tear, rot. Andy & Bax generously gave us three, $39.97 each, for only $100, the total raked in by the Sleeping Bag fund raiser (plus we got a few bags donated, in place of the requested donation). Lindsey considers the event a success and is already planning another. Downtown Chapel is our target NGO this time, probably Outside-In next time.