Sunday, November 22, 2009

Friendly Business

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I showed up with the ostensible purpose of delivering mom, who is running an informational meeting on FCNL today (in progress).

Barb Frank roped me in on the middle and high school education program, lots of other adults present, wondering if we might use the meeting wifi to show that little Youtube rap song, filmed in Pendle Hill.

I was happy to oblige and Betsey (our clerk) was right there to approve the activity. Unfortunately, our Internet connection proved shaky, so I was only able to show it to Ben Selker at low volume in the office (he'd not seen it), then it cut out (now it's back, go figure).

Ben and I are also connected through the Music Scene on SE Belmont.

Next came signing cards to a list of people Oversight had singled out (Overseers around a coffee table encouraging others to join us), a meeting with Megge V. on the topic of Quarterly Meeting Planning (she's nominating chief), and with Diane H., who gave me her QPC binder.

My objective, working with Megge, is to find a clerk in their 30s willing to work with our committee on staging Fall Quarterly right here in Portland (all three days and two nights) in 2010. We shall see.

I updated Annette Carter regarding my collaboration with a socialist revolutionary, trying to figure where my techno-occult gets an API. Am I petty bourgeois bucking to become less petty?

My view is both capitalist and socialist societies package celebrities, have their movie stars, rock stars, astronauts, engineers -- judge a culture by its role models. In other words, there's no ideological contradiction in wanting one's show business to transcend the various ideologies (a trait shared with many religions).

Aside: Trevor's scholarship in the area of systematic ideology is probably where I should focus, in terms of bridging these diverse communities. Pauling House is only tinged in this matter, in the sense that I go there, although Glenn Stockton fits the bill (joined me at Esozone, appreciates Laffoley). I'd implicate Quakers more deeply though, for their American Transcendentalist connections, a gothic bridge.

Frank Carter and I discussed Martian Math in some detail. As a geologist, he's of course familiar with lattices, the vocab of gemstone collectors, crystallographers, medical device manufacturers.

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