Friday, September 25, 2009

Photo Shoot

:: elevated coffee 2009 ::

I'm across from the Trail Blazers Boys & Girls Club on MLK, still a flurry of activity at sunset, fall coming on. Elevated Coffee is one swank joint, chandelier, bright track lights, gigantic mirror, lots of bling yet tasteful, not over stated.

I did some location scouting earlier, sampled the wifi. Best of all is the white baby grand, which Lindsey will grace with her edgy lyrical style.

My Olympus Stylus is hardly the best piece of equipment for glossy magazine photography, but I'm more in TV director mode, trailblazing with stills, hoping the video cams will follow up someday. I'm paving the way for a new genre of reality TV, one with more didactic content than the eerie game shows that ignore the horrific state of the world (contributing yet more escapism to the mix is not my primary responsibility, leave the phony baloney to the less talented is my attitude).

I've been in touch with a lot of Quakers recently, thanks to this flurry of community organizing around Multnomah Meeting's Friend in Residence program. Elizabeth Fischer, one of our newest members, is Clerk of Programming. John Calvi is our in-residence Friend.

I'm likewise in communication with AFSC types, both current and former staff. Alice Perry suggested a talk on October 3rd I should probably catch, so will need to hand off the Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp piece to my peers on the planning committee. We mostly know the drill anyway, as Quakers tend to auto-program pretty well (called "attending to Spirit" in some shop talks).

Python culture is branching out pretty successfully. Pycons are springing up around the world, including in my old stomping grounds in the Asia Pacific region. The US Pycon, in Atlanta next year, is just one of several. I've been looking at some of the non-US Pycon possibilities closer to home, eduPycons especially.

PR for Calvi visit (click for larger view)