Friday, September 11, 2009

Indian Summer

Mom phoned from Minneapolis this morning, Glenn and I just pulling into the driveway, having passed DEQ. She's enroute to the AFSC board meeting. I'm working with Regional on a new media campaign, in my capacity as BCFM liaison and NPYM corporation representative, a job I've held in the past.

This is my first post ever on the new Ubuntu Starling by System76. She's working as advertised. I need to retrain my fingers to fit this netbook sized keyboard, which is still a lot bigger than my thumbs-only keyboard on the cell.

I'm doing some studying of the virtualenv, pip and django tricks I learned at the pony farm. django.http has QueryDict which I wanna play with some more. Don't forget to import settings and configure them to solve the environment variable challenge. I told Glenn how impressed I was by Andy McKay's talk about embedding Django as a router for SMS messages aimed at countering malnutrition and malaria in Kenya and Malawi. Field workers tweet about kids, and clinics get actionable information. There's a lot of error checking.

Tonight is a concert and benefit for a family healing from a devastating bicycle accident. The weather is like summer, but the leaves are all turning and fall is in the wind.... still getting used to this new keyboard. I should try it out in my corner office, test it out on the road. Only 2.6 pounds this time, for under $500.

Yes it's 911, also my wedding anniversary. My fond greetings to Aunt Betty in Indiana, Pennsylvania, and to Cousin Pat.

Our primary physician may soon drop our insurance company, to which we pay hefty premiums. I'd rather switch to a new policy than drop our primary care physician. I should probably be looking outside the USA for less crufty policies. The inertia here is borne of complacency I think, collusion in the face of rather little competition. Citizenship should not be a barrier to affordable, competent care, such as we get here in Portland, if left to our own devices.

cousin pat, aunt betty (pat's mom),
sisters alexia, tara (march 2008)