Tuesday, September 08, 2009

4D Studios

Last night was Three Friends open mic, mostly spoken word declamation, kicked off by Lindsey Walker and The Good Bye Party.

4D Studios provided the maxi taxi (Nissan Maxima) for Bose Tower transport, keyboard etc. Rick and Laura came by bicycle, with additional instruments. Dr. Tag arrived in Lulua (Mercedes Benz).

This format was somewhat the template for October 2nd: coffee shop ambiance, me not the only gray.

At the other end of Lindsey's spectrum, where she's more fish to water: loud, hard-driving machine-like punky grunge, with segues to keep the dance party moving (more athletic and DJ-like, per the recent Angelo's gig).

She also loves playing unamplified pianos, like the upright at It's a Beautiful Pizza (Quakers have those too).