Sunday, August 23, 2009

Domestic Weirdness

I've been raggin' on Democrats for getting all naval gazey once in power, still planning to steer towards the rocks by just forgetting about the troops until 2011, getting all self absorbed with health care and tent cities.

Of course that's not going to work: we can't have a real recovery while still spilling oil without mercy -- not what our sponsors (including we the people) wanna pay for.

That being said, I'm still somewhat selfishly self absorbed in mundane domestic weirdness...

There's been playing tag with Tag, meaning we've had these little address snafus with literarily significant side effects:
  • In her case, 800 became 8000 and she detoured to a mosque out on SE Burnside somewhere.

  • In my case, I missed a 'nw' in her text message and went to 'ne', ending up in front of some head shop kind of place, more for yogis though.
We straightened both of these out, but not without appreciating the irony.

Another homey snafu was the dishwasher, Kitchenaid model KUDP01xxx. The clean light just flashed, with official manuals saying something about heater circuit, call service. However, I knew it might be a reset issue, did what a lotta folks do: killed the power at the fuse box. Not a fix.

However, I often give the same advice that applies to me as well: if you're in a particular hell, go Google and maybe you'll find others in a similar hell, and maybe there will be a solution (works for some computer problems, but why stop with those?).

Sure enough, some dweeb with a $115 repair bill coughed up a secret code, like hit these two buttons within three seconds, shut door, hit cancel. Voila, problem fixed? Or I think so... (we're doing a test cycle as I blog).

Does all this mean I'm not thinking about my "starvation == torture" campaign for the Quakers? Of course not. I did some work on that today, in addition to visiting a Turkish import shop, a Himalayan shop, Blue Moon on 21st and NW Glisan, and Cafe Umbria on 12th and Everett, enjoying the company of some interesting world game players.

Tom is out of his rehab center. I haven't heard any news from Wayne lately, but then I'm stuck on my high desert school projects anyway, as is Anna with TECC.

I'd chalk up school reform with health reform, bottle necked behind no one wanting to bring home the troops. How does Uncle Sam expect to keep borrowing money if he can't articulate his core policies? Whassup in Iraq, besides stupid violence that is?

The election was fought and won, but Iraqis, like USAers, encounter mostly manipulated puppets set to go off with hysterical conniption fits if their puppet policies are not followed. It's something of a mystery where all the string-puller Dr. Evils are lurking.

Could it have something to do with needing those contracts to keep paying the bills?

At least the popular vote provides a clear historical record of the where people were coming from. Maybe Aqua Teens will solve the Dr. Evil conundrum?

So it looks like the dishwasher problem is not resolved, dang it. It gets about as far into its cycles as last time, then dies. Maybe the water isn't hot enough? Heating element damaged?

I forgot to mention the melted calculator I found near the heating element, one of mom's. We're pretty militant against calculators in this family, as they're a bottle neck to serious education reform, but that doesn't mean I'd condemn them to waterboarding. No, this was inadvertent.

Mom says she can't figure out how it got in there, nor is it certain this half-melted doodad is what messed up the appliance. I'll try calling for service tomorrow maybe. In the meantime, it's back to dishes by hand.

The whole kitchen could use a remodel, keeping the stainless steel counters. That'd be creating jobs, doing our part for the economy.

But as reality TV, it wouldn't stand on its own (yawn). We're already maxed out on "this old house" kinds of shows.

Project Earthala
would be more the product placement bonanza, a kind of international school run by Quakers and such, prototyping tomorrow's better lifestyles today. We'd attract a young audience (plus oldsters), eager to try out for new parts.

I need to get with other producers on this and stop worrying about my kitchen eh?