Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Aqua Teen (movie review)

I likely wouldn't have penetrated this subculture at all minus encouragement from Kevin Altis, inventor of PythonCard, a wrapper around wxPython that makes GUI-based event-driven programming more accessible to invisible armies of used-to-be Visual Basic programmers. I appreciate Kevin's eclecticism.

So I went into this film at The Bagdad already semi-literate regarding this namespace, expecting certain characters, somewhat familiar with the surrealist landscape, shades of South Park, that this movie, developed from the esoteric cartoon series, now showcases to a wider public.

I suppose it helps to have seen The Incredibles, War of the Worlds (at least two of 'em), lots of B-grade scifi scenarios with a "spooky castle Dr. Evil" (maniacal laugh), and of course any number of cartoons.

Here we blend the idioms into a familiar patois, for connoisseurs of certain pop and/or teen and/or college subcultures. I saw this with a couple other older guy Wanderers (I'm 49 in a week), one of whom slept through much of it, the other of whom likes pickles with his peanut butter.

I invited Matt but he's swamped with work.