Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hippie Dude

:: micheal ::
I'm watching Simpsons again, with Tara, heading to Cubespace next, after just a taste of the Evening News. Crackdown on banks...

Micheal was by, cycling many miles in the rain and the dark, enlivened by the experience. This guy is resilient, a survivor, also a pamphleteer. I'm more his dramatic foil than sidekick though. You can hear that on radio.

His latest publication is Eco Peace (Free or $1?), 99 New Trends & Sustainable Organic Solutions. I'd call it thought provoking, and like nothing you'd ever get from a politician. This is hippie lit.

The way I tell it, I met my first hippies when hitch hiking to Myrtle Point Oregon. Beade and Denise, a lot like Brian and Susan, though Princeton wasn't really a hippie school, 2D notwithstanding, while my own life as an expat made me a different brand of freak. But that's just me in a private namespace, YMMV.

I salute Micheal for exercising his freedoms in democracy, pursuing happiness. May his path be filled with joy and prosperity.