Monday, January 19, 2009

A Short List

Taking inventory of what we have so far in our Python toolkit:

Figurate Numbers
Pascal's Triangle (triangular and tetrahedral numbers)
Fibonacci Numbers (converge to phi, pentagon math)
Vectors (VPython -- xyz, spherical coordinates etc.)
Prime Numbers (sieves)
Prime Numbers (trials by division)
Polyhedra (as Python objects: scale, rotate, translate)
Polyhedral Numbers (icosahedral, geodesic spheres)
Modulo Numbers (override __mul__, __add__)
Finite Groups (Python module)
Euclid's Algorithm (Guido's gcd)
Euclid's Extended Algorithm (needed for inverses)
Totient and Totative (gcd based)
Fermat's Little Theorem (assert...)
Euler's Theorem for Totients (assert...)
Mandelbrot Set (chaotic sequences)
Miller-Rabin (or Jython probablePrime)
RSA.encrypt(m, N)
RSA.decrypt(c, N, d=secretkey)
More context on edu-sig and math-teach.