Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Wanderers 2008.10.8

This was the night after the 2nd presidential debate, which I enjoyed at the Bagdad, Tara & Rose to my right, Trevor to my left, balcony situation. Of course we sat around doing some follow-up analysis, me talking up the backwards R (as in Toys R Us and/or DARPA), as a marketing gimmick, yes, but also as a sign of Respect (there's that R again).

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If I'm "a buckaneer", then Buzz is maybe "an Apple devotee", as he likes those convergent "omni-devices", those grand unifications of phone, GPS/GIS device, camera, and web browser. I'm more of the utility belt school (if only they didn't look so dorky), have each device do one thing, and do it well (per GNU/UNIX).

On the other hand, it's fun to get lat/long burned in on a JPEG, maybe as XML, for world map placement.

That's another thing we talked about, this same Fuller Projection I hauled out to Mt. Hood Kiwanis this last weekend. Likewise Trevor's talk on 10-10 is about Bucky (Fuller).

We've been anticipating this season of buckaneer celebrations, having this new play to talk up.

Winter promises to be action packed this year, what with the election and all.

At lunch, I talked with Buzz about my work for the American Association of Physics Teachers, converting those ballerina moves into ray traced stick figures, taking data in Excel, outputting as AVIs on CD, with Python code in between (each teacher got one, that year in Sacramento, Dr. Urone steering).

Good seeing Nirel again. She's in the midst of a road trip, documenting it for her fans (me one of 'em, as are David and Shomar).

My friend Gordon has a new blog, Guido too.

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