Monday, October 13, 2008

Remembering Dad

I'm having the kind of day I think my father would have been glad of my having.

We honored one another in life, were good scuba buddies, both took a lot of (not stupid) risks.

I didn't get to look over his shoulder a lot, not being an urban or regional planner by trade, but that didn't keep me from seeing the importance and relevance of the work that he did, for our family, community and world.

Someday maybe I'll regain access to a Hi-8 tape player (Sony camcorder broken) and get my video of Jack Urner transcribed and edited. Travels in South Africa and Lesotho were especially fun.

New iPod for Tara, new cell phone for Carol. Lots of candles.

Note to partners: I used a business Visa to buy this individual membership in GreenPeace Activist Network, accounting as owner draw, hope OK.

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